START ECO Ltd. is an official importer of wall-mounted gas boilers MOTAN

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From 01.07.2020 START ECO Ltd is the official importer for Bulgaria of the manufactured in Romania MOTAN wall-hung gas boilers.The advantages of the MOTAN wall-hung gas boilers are:

* Environmentally friendly - during operation release significantly reduced amounts of harmful emissions from Nox, CO and CO2 class Nox5;

* Designed and manufactured for operation with maximum efficiency and economy according to the latest requirements of European legislation - circulating pump with low power consumption;

* Have a pressure sensor - provides intelligent protection against high or low pressure;

* It is possible to connect a chrono-thermostat, remote control panel and / or external temperature probe;

* Maximum efficiency: the boilers operate in a condensing system in the range of 5-35 kW

* EFFICIENCY CLASS - 4 stars (Directive 92/42 / EC) and CLASS A in accordance with the requirements of Commission Regulation (EU) № 811- 814/2013, implementing Directive 2009/125 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council;

* Have a main heat exchanger made of stainless steel;

* They have a high level of comfort in DHW mode / domestic hot water /: enlarged second heat exchanger with 26 plates, classified with 3 stars (EN 13203) for DHW comfort;

* They have a function for ventilation of the installation - the circulation pump can work separately from the combustion cycle, in order to facilitate the ventilation of the installation.

* Each model has a control panel with LCD screen, with a developed graphical interface and toggle buttons;