Pellet stove with water jacket PALAZZETTI GINGER IDRO

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15 kW
15 kW
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The pellet stove with water jacket PALAZZETTI GINGER IDRO is designed for central heating is extremely reliable, secure and efficient. With the power of 12kW and 15 kW is perfect for space heating with an area from 110 sq.m. to 130 sq.m. Over a decade of development makes it an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for heating your home. PALAZZETTI GINGER IDRO is part of the Ecofire pellet stoves series of one of the most famous and reliable manufacturers - PALAZZETTI The circulation pump and the membrane expansion vessel are also built into the fireplace’s body.

Standard characteristics and equipment of the pellet stove with water jacket PALAZZETTI GINGER IDRO:

  • pellet stove with water jacket and greatly reduced depth, which saves space and can be mounted to the wall;
  • balanced door with self-balancing hinges - opening and closing the door has never been easier;
  • automatic door opening system;
  • ceramic glass (800°C) with self-cleaning system;
  • large-thickness cast iron grille;
  • a large ash tray and quick cleaning system;
  • digital touch display for controlling settings and operating parameters;
  • primary air may be introduced from the outside in order not to reduce the air quality inside the room;
  • highly efficient exhaust gas heat exchanger;
  • integrated interface for connection to an external thermostat or buffer tank;
  • integrated hydraulic kit -everything you need for quick and easy installation is built into the pellet stove: diaphragm expansion vessel for closed system, circulating pump (Energy class A), anti-condensation valve (commercial value - 160 euros), pressure gauge, pressure relief valve and air vent;
  • forced air circulation for fast and even heating;
  • pellet quality settings;
  • remote control and Wi-Fi connectivity (optional).







  1. Water heating: Our hydraulic products can be used to heat entire homes with domestic water. In addition, they can be connected directly to the heating system or become part of a more modern setting.
  2. Saves space: Ecofire® space-saving fireplaces are ideal for installation in corridors, corners and narrow spaces. For even greater compactness, the model has a hidden handle.
  3. Easy installation.

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