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25 kW
25 kW
29 kW
29 kW
35 kW
35 kW
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Wall hung condensing gas boiler MOTAN CONDENS PLUS 100 with power of 25, 29, 35 kW is part of the new series for 2021 gas boilers for wall mountingMOTAN CONDENS.

The new condensing boiler CONDENS PLUS 100 with power of 25, 29, 35 kW has the following advantages:

  • High-tech look. MOTAN CONDENS PLUS is equipped with an LCD touch screen with a 4.3-inch display (visible area). The LCD screen has an intuitive graphical interface for easy operation and maximum comfort;
  • UP TO 106% efficiency and 1:10 modulation ratio;
  • Power: 25, 29, 35 kW;
  • Environmentally friendly . During operation, the wall hung condensing gas boiler releases significantly reduced amounts of Nox, CO and C02 class Nox5;
  • High comfort on DHW circuit: OVERSIZED secondary heat exchanger;
  • Energy efficient. Wall hung gas boiler MOTAN CONDENS PLUS 100 model 2021 is designed and manufactured for operation with maximum efficiency and economy according to the latest European legislative requirements – low energy pump;
  • EFFICIENCY CLASS – 4 stars (Directive 92/42 / EC) and CLASS A in accordance with the requirements of Commission Regulation (EU) № 811- 814/2013, implementing Directive 2009/125 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council;
  • The main heat exchanger is made of STAINLESS STEEL;
  • The gas boiler with a power of 25, 29, 35 kW the Romanian manufacturer MOTAN is sold with rated pressure sensor. Rated pressure sensor- provides intelligent protection against overpressure or low pressure;
  • CONDENS PLUS 100 is available with the option to connect a chrono-thermostat, remote control panel and / or external temperature probe;
  • The gas boiler CONDENS PLUS 100 has a ventilation function of the installation. With this feature, the circulation pump operates on demand outside the burning cycle, for the easy ventilation of the installation
  • For the convenience of the user, the kit also includes a technical guide.


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