Built-in pellet stove PALAZZETTI SMALL 54

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Built-in pellet stove PALAZZETTI SMALL 54 is reliable, efficient, with a pull mechanism and power 7 kW. Allows you to install it in any area even without a traditional flue. This makes it one of the safest and most environmentally friendly heating solutions of the Italian brand PALAZZETTI. The capacity of the pellet hopper is 10 kg. Built-in pellet stove PALAZZETTI SMALL 54 is warm air model and the hot air comes out frontally. It is suitable for heating a large room! Fireplace and grill made entirely of cast iron (8 mm), replaceable front / side feed with pellets through a connector box (optional).


Built-in pellet stove PALAZZETTI SMALL 54 7 kW has the following standard features and equipment:

  • Digital touch display for controlling settings and operating parameters;
  • Digital programmer for time interval management;
  • Pellet level sensor;
  • Modulating front fan with different speeds;
  • Prepared connection box;
  • Dimensions without front drawer: 54/57/48;
  • Dimensions with front drawer: 54/57/55


The advantages of PALAZZETTI SMALL 54 7 kW are: 

  1. VENTILATED: The forced air circulation products are provided with a fan that quickly distributes the hot air produced by combustion throughout the room. Thanks to the electronic management of the control unit it is possible to manage the power and the speed of the fan according to individual needs.
  2. CONNECTION BOX AND PALAZZETTI APP: Allows you to manage the main stove operating parameters locally (when used as a remote control) or remotely (when connected to the internet) with just a smartphone and a specific app.
  3. PELLET STOVE MADE OF THERMOFIX ® - Thermofix is ​​a special refractory cement with a very large heat accumulation that improves combustion to ensure superior efficiency;

Technical specifications

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