Pellet stove with water jacket ECOSPAR AURIGA B 25 kW

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The pellet stove ECOSPAR AURIGA 25 kW with its simple elegance is one of the products we are most proud of. You can not see its power of 25 kW, as it is installed in the basement, but you will certainly feel it. Most suitable for a heated area up to 180m².

The bottom of the hearth of ECOSPAR AURIGA B is made of a very thick cold-rolled metal sheet. On the supporting structure is applied high quality and high temperature resistant powder coating. The upper, lower part and the hearth are made of special sheet metal.

The inner part of the hearth of the pellet stove with water jacket is covered with a double metal sheet. This guarantees high thermal resistance of the pellet stove. The hearth is equipped with a door made of ceramic glass, which is resistant to temperatures up to 700°C. Thus you can watch the fire in the fireplace, avoiding contact with the dangerous sparks and the smoke. The door closes tightly. These characteristics make the ECOSPAR AURIGA B pellet stove extremely reliable, safe, efficient and environmentally friendly.

ECOSPAR AURIGA B 25kW is one of the most preferred models pellet stoves with water jacket of the Macedonian brand ECOSPAR.

Available in black metallic color.



The advantages of the pellet stove ECOSPAR AURIGA B 25 kW:

  • Modern design;
  • High efficiency of the combustion process;
  • Economical and environmentally friendly combustion;
  • 3 settings for pellet quality;
  • Circulation pump control;
  • Remote control;
  • Weekly programmer;
  • Wi-Fi connectivity (optional).

Technical specifications


Operating Instructions

Energy label

Auriga 25kw-1


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