Pellet stove PALAZZETTI LIA 6kW & 8kW

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Pellet stove PALAZZETTI NINA with power of 6 nd 8 kW is designed for direct heating of an area up to 70 sq.m. This makes it extremely reliable, secure and efficient. Over a decade of development makes it an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for heating your home. PALAZZETTI LIA is part of the Ecofire pellet stoves series of one of the most famous and reliable manufacturers - PALAZZETTI. Air model with a hot air fan that heats your home directly, which means you don't need expensive air ducts.


Standard characteristics and equipment of the pellet stove Royal LIA:

  • steel structure with painted metal coating;
  • balanced door with self-adjusting hinges;
  • ceramic glass (800 °) with self-cleaning system;
  • high-density cast iron grate;
  • star-shaped pellet feeder system;
  • a large ash tray and Speedy Clean system;
  • digital panel with touch-screen;
  • time intervals for work, daily and weekly programmer;
  • directing combustion air;
  • adjustable multi-speed fan and zero speed option (turns off ventilation and lets us enjoy naturally radiated heat and acoustic comfort);
  • front vent for hot air;
  • quick start system (reduces ignition time);
  • highly efficient flue.



  1. STAR VALVE FEED SYSTEM: Pellet feed system that is very accurate in dosing the quantity of fuel burnt;
  2. VENTILATED:The forced air circulation products are provided with a fan that quickly distributes the hot air produced by combustion throughout the room. Thanks to the electronic management of the control unit it is possible to manage the power and the speed of the fan according to individual needs.
  3. ZERO FAN SPEED: Some ventilated models, allow you to completely exclude the fan function to heat by natural convention only. The result is a completely noiseless stove, ideal during the night or in particular situations where silence is a priority.
  4. CONNECTION BOX AND PALAZZETTI APP: Allows you to manage the main stove operating parameters locally (when used as a remote control) or remotely (when connected to the internet) with just a smartphone and a specific app.


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